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GME Value – Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Toolkit

From the simple to the complex, problems plague our daily work. Quality Improvement experts Luca Boi and Ryan Murphy provide brief lessons and resources covering important problem solving techniques so you can develop solutions and make improvements.

Intensive Diabetes Education and Support (IDEAS) Program

The stress of a chronic condition, combined with inadequate resources or education, can leave even the most resilient among us feeling helpless. Juliana Simonetti and Michelle Litchman share how their Intensive Diabetes Education and Support (IDEAS) Program empowers patients and care partners to successfully manage their diabetes.

The Problem With A Culture of Giving 110%

University of Utah Health social worker and director of mindfulness programming Trinh Mai partners with chaplain Saundra Shanti to explore a new way to manage the exhaustion we feel: permission to give 20% less.

MLK Week at the U: Becoming the Beloved Community

Join the University of Utah community as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy. Here are suggested readings, resources, events and conversations throughout the week that honor Dr. King’s vision, offer direction, and challenge us to determine a better way forward.

Resilience Toolkit

The U of U Health Resiliency Center shares a growing list of resources you and your team can use to continue building resilience together.

How to Support Your Teams During Omicron Surge

Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke and Resiliency Center Director Megan Call share evidence-based discussion points and strategies informed by the collective wisdom of the last two years supporting U of U Health.

Find the Right Words to Communicate Flexibility

Our work lives are changing as some of our homes once again become schools. The Effective Communicator reached out to HR experts Christian Sherwood and Rosemary Norton for advice about how managers can talk with their teams about being flexible with where, how, and when we work.

Seven Principles of Value Management at University of Utah Health

What is “Value Management” and why should you care? It's how University of Utah Health systematically improves the quality of care delivered to patients—and its never been more important as we redesign care during a pandemic. Chief Quality Officer Sandi Gulbransen shares the seven tenets of Value Management that guide our work.

Make Room for Discomfort to Work Through Disruption

When our world is turned upside down, we rush past our emotions to get over the pain and feel better. But this approach doesn’t allow us to actually work through the pain. Chaplain Saundra Shanti shares how to bolster our resilience by creating space for discomfort.

Build Affirming Health Care Spaces to Prevent Suicide with LGBTQ+ Youth

LGBTQ+ youth are at significantly higher risk for suicide and suicidal thoughts, and parents and providers need to know how to help. Pediatric psychologist Jessica Robnett and Transgender Program Coordinator Ariel Malan share best practices to care for this population.

How To Put WellCheck Feedback to Work (For You and Your Team)

Feedback is a gift—even when it doesn’t feel like it. Senior Director of Care Navigation Stacy Silwany teams up with Organizational Development’s Michael Danielson to share how Care Navigation uses WellCheck survey data to learn from and engage employees in making the workplace better.

Thank You

It’s been quite a year—but we made it! The Accelerate Team is celebrating the small wins with some big engagement from across the globe. Thank you to all 158 contributors who shared valuable insights with the U of U Health community in 2021.