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Recipe for Success: Culture Change to Promote Wellness Among PA Faculty

Despite reported high job satisfaction, burnout can still pose a significant threat to the well-being of teams. Joanne Rolls and Amanda Moloney-Johns share the actionable steps they took to enhance wellness and reduce burnout within their team.

Caring for Patients During Ramadan

The month of Ramadan has begun for many our Muslim patients, and with it comes questions and concerns from health care providers about how to care for patients who are fasting. Project administrator Anna Gallegos and physician assistant Wagma Mohmand consulted with religious and community experts to walk us everything we need to know about Ramadan and how to care for our diverse Muslim population.

Three Mindful Breaths: A Simple Practice for Daily Well-being

Well-being expert and physician David Sandweiss explores the art of mindful breathing. By incorporating just three conscious breaths into our day, we can transform the way we experience the world, offering a path to clarity, calm, and a deeper connection with the present moment.

Ageism: What it is and How to Avoid Engaging in it

Ageism, the discrimination, and prejudice against individuals based on their age, is a pervasive issue in today's society. In a recent episode of the U Rising podcast, Linda Edelman, co-director of the Utah Geriatric Education Consortium and the Hartford Center, discusses the perceptions of aging, ageism, and the importance of creating age-friendly communities.

Wellness Without Borders: A Blueprint for Community Engagement

Community health workers Kamaile Tripp-Harris and Princess Bombyck and medical students Wesley Allen and Silvia Soule share their event's impact on the community, how medical students and community health workers were involved, and how a coalition came together to serve their community.

How the Operating Budget Works

The annual Operating Budget is a structured process that pairs frontline manager expertise with powerful financial forecasting tools to help the organization stay on track. The Central Finance Team’s Casey Moore and Robert Dickson demystify the process to help you navigate budget season.

Office Eating Culture

You are what you eat: eating habits and food choices in the workplace can impact your well-being and productivity. Wellness program manager Britta Trepp and nutrition specialist Helen Hardy shares how to cultivate and build a healthy and positive office eating culture.

How to Step Back and Give People Space to Speak

Learning to listen is not only a leadership skill—it’s a life skill. Leadership training specialist Jess Burgett shares three practical tips for harnessing the power of listening with intent.

Grief in Healthcare: Understanding and Coping

Caregivers in healthcare are often exposed to loss and grief. These experiences can leave us feeling sad, emotionally exhausted, and unsure how to proceed. Associate Director of the Resiliency Center Jake Van Epps helps us learn what to expect and strategies for recovery.

Recipe for Success: Decreasing Burnout in Nurse Educators

Nurse educators often find themselves navigating a landscape filled with burnout risks. Seeking solutions, Cassidy Kotobalavu, Amanda Keddington, and Mary-Jean Austria devised a method for improvement, distilling their success into a recipe for fostering team well-being amidst adversity.

How to Resolve PINS Toolkit

The team has worked hard to post problems, ideas, needs, and suggestions on the Team Board. Now what? Magnet program director Gigi Austria and colleagues share a host of resources to guide you from Post-It Note to completion.

Just-Do-It for Simple and Easy to Resolve PINS

While it’s true that large scale changes are required to make a significant difference in how things work, consistent small improvements add up to big impact over time. Magnet program director Gigi Austria and project management experts Kripa Kuncheria and Kim Mahoney explain when and how to Just-Do-It.