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How to Effectively Teach When Time Is Limited in Busy Clinical Settings

University of Utah Health clinician educators Hannah Jelley, Katie Swenson, Kathleen Timme, Jessika Weber, and Cheryl Yang share effective strategies to impart knowledge effectively when time is scarce, ensuring both quality patient care and enriching educational experiences for learners.

Shared Governance Spotlight: Clinical Staff Education

As teams across the UUHC Department of Nursing work to implement shared governance in their areas, we’re talking with Team Chairs about their teams’ experiences and the impact shared governance has had so far. This month we sat down with Nursing Professional Development Practitioner, Jia Liu, to learn about Clinical Staff Education’s journey and processes.

How to Make Hard Financial Decisions with Your Team

System leaders Iona Thraen, Jake Van Epps, Ischa Jensen, and Clint Reid provide guidance for frontline leaders to make the hard financial calls a little easier.

Why is Behavior Change So Hard?

Health care professionals are unique: Not only do we have to work on our own behavior change, we often have to influence the behavior change of others—our patients. Director of U of U Health’s Resiliency Center Megan Call explains why it’s so challenging and provides steps to make it easier.

Jedi Mind Tricks to Help You Avoid Conflict

Pediatric emergency medicine physician Zak Drapkin shares "Jedi Mind Tricks" for avoiding conflict to subtly influence the thoughts and actions of others in a more positive direction.

How to Take an Inclusive Sexual Health History

Physician Assistant and Associate Professor Joanne Rolls cares for sexual and gender minority patients and teaches new physician assistants how to comfortably approach sexual health as part of overall health. She shares practical tips to take an inclusive sexual health history.

The 3 D’s of Shared Governance Decision Making

Most of us don’t feel empowered to influence the decisions made about our work. The Shared Governance Advancement Team, a group of frontline nurses and leaders at U of U Health who aim to advance nursing professional practice, introduce a simple framework (The 3 D’s) that empowers each and every team member to influence local decision-making.

Lessons from the Community: Building Trust

Director of community engagement RyLee Curtis shares how we’re partnering with communities to build a new learning and health campus, and what we can apply now, even before construction starts

What Happens When You are Named in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

As health care workers, being named in a malpractice lawsuit is an inevitable and incredibly stressful part of our work. Molly McLaughlin, Jake Van Epps, and Tiffany Glasgow guide us through what it’s like to be involved in a malpractice lawsuit and how to navigate the emotional impact by seeking help from local resources.

The Four Elements Meditation

Well-being expert and physician David Sandweiss explores the tangible sensations of earth, water, fire, and wind within you. Each element guides your awareness to the solidity of your bones, the fluidity of your breath, the warmth of your being, and the gentle breeze of your breath. By immersing yourself in these elemental experiences, you'll cultivate a profound sense of presence and gratitude for the miraculous intricacies of your own existence.

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

To disagree means failing to agree. Synonyms include to contradict, challenge or debate. Synonyms do not also have to include to argue, quarrel, dispute, bicker or clash. Pediatric intensivist Jared Henricksen shares the best path forward when words become clouded with emotion.

Introduction to Shared Governance Decision Making

The Shared Governance Advancement Team, consisting of frontline nurses and leaders at U of U Health, explain what shared governance is and isn't, and offer tips to simplify the decision-making process for teams.