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Ground Rules for Successfully Managing Conflict

Conflict is not about who is right or wrong—it is about being understood, respected, and finding a shared way forward. Pediatric emergency medicine physician Zak Drapkin introduces three ground rules for managing conflict within care teams.

Reflections in Healing: Uniting Healthcare Teams After Loss

Caring for a coworker—or losing a coworker—can be especially hard for healthcare workers. Leaders Kimberly Killam, Jory Killam, Stephanie Edwards and Jamie Troyer share strategies from their own experience with loss to care for yourself and your team when faced with these difficult situations.

Addressing Discrimination at the Bedside

When patients or family members use discriminatory language, it can be hard to know the next steps. Nursing Director Gigi Austria and EDI Consultant Sheila Sconiers offer practical steps to address discrimination at the bedside.

Transforming Healthcare for LGBTQIA+ Patients

University of Utah Health Transgender Health Program’s Ariel Malan and family physician Erika Sullivan discuss the Mountain West Transforming Care Conference, an annual conference held to promote LGBTQIA+ health and provider competency of caring for these communities.

Elevating Employee Support: The Role of Peer Support Training

Jake Van Epps, Associate Director of the Resiliency Center, and Jessica Rivera, Director of Environmental Services, share about the peer support training program and how it has given the Environmental Services team new tools to care for one another.

Celebrating 40 Years of MLK Week: Where Do We Go From Here?

As we celebrate 40 years of honoring Dr. King’s legacy with MLK Week at the U, the University of Utah is answering the question of "where do we go from here?" with an emphatic turn toward community.

Managing the Moment: When Anger Takes Over

Caring for our community has been our superpower throughout the pandemic. In this moment, however, our capacity for empathy is being challenged. Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke shares four strategies to help keep your cool when emotions run high.

Celebrating Impact: 8 Must-Read Articles That Shaped 2023

Accelerate Learning Community has now grown to exceed more than half a million learners from across the world! Each month, we average around 35,000 visitors who learn about health care equity, improvement, leadership and resilience from U of U Health faculty, staff, students, and trainees. Continuing our annual tradition of giving thanks, we’re celebrating the eight most popular national articles and local favorites in 2023.

Your Guide to the Updated Masking Policy for Teams, Patients, and Caregivers

Its that time of the year, when respiratory illnesses are common. Masking is one way we can protect our most vulnerable patients and ourselves. Use the below guide to discuss masking with your teams and with our patients.

Holiday Procrastination is Not Your Friend

Believe it or not, the holidays have arrived. But have no fear, Senior Value Engineer Cindy Spangler is here with three steps you can take to carve out time now and avoid the woes of the holiday rush.

From Learning to Serving: The Impact of Physician Assistant Student-Led Free Clinics

Free clinics serve as a vital pillar for urgent medical care for underserved populations in our community. Four Physician Assistant students at University of Utah explain how their involvement in student-led free clinics have benefited the community—and their medical education.

Toxic Productivity: Recognize, Resist, Reimagine

Understanding the dangers of toxic productivity is crucial in safeguarding mental well-being and fostering a balanced life amid today's demanding work culture. Jess Burgett, Leadership Training Specialist, shares a healthier approach to not only shield against burnout but also empowers individuals to achieve sustainable success and fulfillment.