Self-compassion facilitates psychological strength during difficult times, better preparing us for future challenges.
Jean Whitlock, Trinh Mai, Megan Call, and Jake Van Epps

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Grief in Healthcare: Understanding and Coping

Caregivers in healthcare are often exposed to loss and grief. These experiences can leave us feeling sad, emotionally exhausted, and unsure how to proceed. Associate Director of the Resiliency Center Jake Van Epps helps us learn what to expect and strategies for recovery.

Coping with Trauma in Healthcare: A Guide for Caregivers

Caregivers in healthcare are often exposed to intense injury, horrific or gruesome experiences, or death. These traumatic experiences can leave us with a stress injury. Associate Director of the Resiliency Center Jake Van Epps shares what to expect and strategies for recovery.

Reflections in Healing: Uniting Healthcare Teams After Loss

Caring for a coworker—or losing a coworker—can be especially hard for healthcare workers. Leaders Kimberly Killam, Jory Killam, Stephanie Edwards and Jamie Troyer share strategies from their own experience with loss to care for yourself and your team when faced with these difficult situations.

Elevating Employee Support: The Role of Peer Support Training

Jake Van Epps, Associate Director of the Resiliency Center, and Jessica Rivera, Director of Environmental Services, share about the peer support training program and how it has given the Environmental Services team new tools to care for one another.

Managing the Moment: When Anger Takes Over

Caring for our community has been our superpower throughout the pandemic. In this moment, however, our capacity for empathy is being challenged. Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke shares four strategies to help keep your cool when emotions run high.

Celebrating Impact: 8 Must-Read Articles That Shaped 2023

Accelerate Learning Community has now grown to exceed more than half a million learners from across the world! Each month, we average around 35,000 visitors who learn about health care equity, improvement, leadership and resilience from U of U Health faculty, staff, students, and trainees. Continuing our annual tradition of giving thanks, we’re celebrating the eight most popular national articles and local favorites in 2023.

Top 10 Tips for Enhancing Your Well-Being

With the change of the season upon us, now is a great time to focus on self-care. Well-being specialist Jamuna Jones shares her top 10 tried-and-true tips aimed at optimizing your health and nurturing your mind, body, and soul during this seasonal shift.

Mindfulness in Medicine

In the medical field, science and skill are paramount, but what about the crucial art of dealing with grief and loss? Physician David Sandweiss shares his transformative mindfulness journey through the profound impact of presence and compassion, and how it has reshaped his approach to patients.

Three Mindful Breaths: A Simple Practice for Daily Well-being

Well-being expert and physician David Sandweiss explores the art of mindful breathing. By incorporating just three conscious breaths into our day, we can transform the way we experience the world, offering a path to clarity, calm, and a deeper connection with the present moment.

Mindfulness in Medicine Toolkit

The U of U Health Resiliency Center shares a list of resources you and your team can use to practice mindfulness and increase your well-being.

How to Support Your Teams When Bad Things Happen

Resiliency Center Director Megan Call and Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke share evidence-based discussion points and strategies for leaders to support their teams with during challenging times.

Practice Emotional PPE

We have personal protective equipment (PPE) for our body–but what about our mind? Huntsman Cancer Institute nurse manager Cassidy Kotobalavu has lead training on the concept of emotional contagion–how good (and bad) emotions spread. Here are Cassidy’s expert tips (with slides) on managing emotional contagion in health care.