When actively cultivated, gratitude promotes a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with how things are right now.
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Mindful Movement: A Path to Holistic Well-Being

Well-being experts Britta Trepp and David Sandweiss prioritize personal well-being through holistic approaches, including mindful movements and connecting with nature. Learn how these practices boost mental, physical, and emotional health, enhancing productivity and reducing stress for a more balanced life.

Generational Healing Through the Power of Listening

In a bustling clinic, a unique bond emerged, bridging generations and transcending medical roles. Tribal, Rural, Underserved Medical Education (TRUE) medical student Brighton Alvey shares her story of weaving a tale of resilience and hope through listening, teaching that healing is as much about shared narratives as it is about prescriptions.

Healthcare Stories 2024: Promise

Mark your calendars for February 1, 2024! The Resiliency Center and the Center for Health Ethics, Arts, and Humanities are gearing up for the sixth Healthcare Stories event at Kingsbury Hall. This year's captivating theme, "Promise," invites healthcare professionals, patients, and community members to explore futures imagined, unexpected journeys, and transformative relationships.

Probiotics: Happy Gut, Healthy Life

Your gut health can be key to your overall health and well-being. Nutrition & Integrative Physiology graduate teaching assistant, Maria Manuela Herrera, explains the power and benefits of probiotics and shares recipes to incorporate into your next meal plan.

Integrating Movement (or Relaxation) Breaks to Promote Well-being

Taking time throughout the day to move is a great way to add physical activity to your routine and carve out space to reflect and recover. Wellness programs manager Britta Trepp, College of Health Graduate student Karly Ackley and physical therapist Tasha Olsen walk us through the motions.

Tips for New Faculty: What I Wish I Knew When I Joined the U

Being new is hard. Often for new faculty, it means adjusting to a new state, new team, new patients, and a new organizational culture. We asked hospitalists Ryan Murphy and Valerie Vaughn and surgeon Ellen Morrow for tips that only come from a little time under the belt.

“Know My Name” – The Power of Small Gestures

It might seem basic, but just calling someone by their name is one of the most powerful forms of recognition a physician can give their team. Moran Vision Services administrative director Brent Price and physician and vice chair Norm Zabriskie share the many lessons they learned from putting employees’ voices at the center of resilience efforts.

Healthcare Stories 2023: Wonder

Listen-Sort-Empower to Improve Professional Well-being

What can we do right now to make our work environment better? Chief Wellness Officer and family medicine physician Amy Locke shares a simple team-based model for identifying opportunities, sorting what’s feasible and impactful, and empowering the frontline to lead change.

Build Affirming Health Care Spaces to Prevent Suicide with LGBTQ+ Youth

LGBTQ+ youth are at significantly higher risk for suicide and suicidal thoughts, and parents and providers need to know how to help. Pediatric psychologist Jessica Robnett and Transgender Program Coordinator Ariel Malan share best practices to care for this population.

What I Learned From Trinh Mai

For the past six years, mindfulness, professional well-being, equity and inclusion expert Trinh Mai has served as a contributor and core member of Accelerate’s editorial team. Now, as she charts a new path, we reflect with profound gratitude on everything she has taught us.

Lifestyle Medicine: There's Never Been a Better Time to Take Care of Yourself

U of U Health Lifestyle Medicine Program physician leaders Rachel Goossen and Rich Doxey provide support for care teams that empowers patients to make positive changes to their daily habits and overall well-being.