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Leading Teams with Intention: Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development

Teams naturally move through stages while working together but often get stuck or fail to reach their potential without recognition and leadership. Pharmacist Kyle Turner shares strategies for each stage of team development.

Patient Insights: MyChart Messages, Updates, and Health Maintenance

U of U Health's patient family advisory councils, Patient Design Studio and Advise Utah, recently gathered feedback from patients and caregivers on patient communication. Their answers: empower me with more information. Patient Experience's Emily Izzo and Corrie Harris share insights from these advisory councils.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation: Expert Advice for Caring for New Americans

As Redwood Health Center’s program coordinator serving new Americans, Anna Gallegos has learned valuable lessons that can help all of us better care for patients of refugee background and vulnerable populations. Here are three suggestions to help make caring for patients easier.

How Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Build Team Focus

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are another goal setting framework you can use to keep project teams on track. Project management expert Kripa Kuncheria explains OKRs and provides health care examples and templates to try right now.

More Than Just a Label: Refugee to New American

The transition from using the term "refugee" to "New American" is just another way University of Utah Health is creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. Redwood Health Centers' Chantal Taha and Marissa Higbee, along with Patient Experiences' Anna Gallegos share the importance of using this new language.

How to Practice R-A-I-N

Whether we are navigating a patient death, a negative or unexpected outcome, a medical mistake, or a challenging interpersonal conflict, RAIN is an easy-to-remember tool that provides an opportunity to cultivate compassionate attention to our suffering, enabling us to respond effectively.

How a Goal Pyramid Can Help Translate Strategy Into Action

Strategic planning can feel overwhelming—good thing there’s a framework to help make it easier. Project management expert Kripa Kuncheria introduces Goal Pyramid—a strategic framework for goal setting that helps translate big ideas into manageable actions.

Using Positive Power Dynamics to Engage and Empower Teams

Although power can be good, it has negative connotations. We convened a group of local and national experts to unpack the concept of power dynamics. Nursing Director Shegi Thomas and Organizational Development Consultant Shelia Sconiers distilled our conversation into practical strategies for leaders to build positive power dynamics that engage and empower teams.

Your Guide to the Updated Masking Policy for Teams, Patients, and Caregivers

As we transition from universal masking to optional masking, we can expect a wide range of emotions from our teams, patients, and their caregivers. Providing clarity is one of the kindest things we can do for our teams and patients in the midst of change. Use this guide to help talk about it.

Assisting New Americans Through VR Technology

Learning how to navigate school, healthcare and more as they settle into Utah can be difficult for new Americans. Assistant Professor Milad Mozari from the division of Multi-Disciplinary Design (MDD) at the U’s College of Architecture and Planning, has been working to use virtual reality technology to support the resettlement process of Utah’s newcomers.

Mindful Leadership: New Rules for Managing Stress

In health care, stress is a given. So how does a leader manage stress in this challenging environment? Director of Behavioral Health Adult Services Tracy Farley (above left) shares several techniques, including Code Lavenders: mindfulness exercises meant to help employees in high-stress situations.

Standard Work

Standard work is the most efficient way to accomplish a job quickly and accurately supported by visual guides. VA internist Sarah Hall and nurse practitioner Jamie Clinton-Lont team up with senior value engineer Luca Boi to share how they used standard work to make pain management safer for veterans.