Everyone deserves the chance to receive honest and compassionate feedback about their performance. All leaders should have these tough conversations. For me, I start with compassion and the belief that every employee can change. They should be given that opportunity to change.
Melissa Horn

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Better U: How to Understand the Impact of Stress and Burnout on Your Team

Resiliency Center Director and clinical psychologist Megan Call explains how leaders can use Better U survey data to understand how stress and burnout impacts their team and provides ways to take appropriate action.

Five Ways to Build Financial Resilience

In-Patient nursing leaders Trell Inzunza, Shegi Thomas, Kim Meyer, and Stewart Van Cleave share examples of how leaders can be good stewards of finance through individual, team, and organizational practices.

How to Master Education in the Health Professions

The new Master of Education in Health Professions degree program offers a unique opportunity to improve teaching skills, influence the future of clinical care, and increase the impact of clinical educators. The program’s interprofessional leaders, Joanne Rolls, Rebecca Wilson, and Wendy Hobson-Rohrer, share why the program is important and offer a few quick tips to improve your teaching today.

The Effective Communicator: Know Your Audience

The Effective Communicator is here to answer your troublesome communication questions. This week: knowing your audience leads to better presentations.

How to Make Hard Financial Decisions with Your Team

System leaders Iona Thraen, Jake Van Epps, Ischa Jensen, and Clint Reid provide guidance for frontline leaders to make the hard financial calls a little easier.

Jedi Mind Tricks to Help You Avoid Conflict

Pediatric emergency medicine physician Zak Drapkin shares "Jedi Mind Tricks" for avoiding conflict to subtly influence the thoughts and actions of others in a more positive direction.

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

To disagree means failing to agree. Synonyms include to contradict, challenge or debate. Synonyms do not also have to include to argue, quarrel, dispute, bicker or clash. Pediatric intensivist Jared Henricksen shares the best path forward when words become clouded with emotion.

How to Listen—Really Listen—To Feedback From Your Team

Listening to—and learning from—employees makes for a more humble and thoughtful leader. Chris Shirley, support services director, shares how he turned some stinging feedback into an opportunity to create community and inclusion.

How the Operating Budget Works

The annual Operating Budget is a structured process that pairs frontline manager expertise with powerful financial forecasting tools to help the organization stay on track. The Central Finance Team’s Casey Moore and Robert Dickson demystify the process to help you navigate budget season.

How to Step Back and Give People Space to Speak

Learning to listen is not only a leadership skill—it’s a life skill. Leadership training specialist Jess Burgett shares three practical tips for harnessing the power of listening with intent.

The Power of Self-Talk: Boosting Confidence and Performance

Negative self-talk lurks as a formidable threat, silently undermining our confidence and stifling our potential. Recognizing its dangers, Leadership Training Specialist Jess Burgett equips us with essential strategies to combat unhelpful internal dialogues, turning our thoughts into powerful allies for a more positive and successful life.

Bridging the Gap: Black Physicians of Utah

Physician leader and community organizer Richard Ferguson shares his work to form Utah’s first organization for Black physicians, with the aim to build a community among current Black physicians, residents, and students working or living in Utah.