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Finance 101: Basic Terminology

Finance can provoke anxiety among professionals, many of whom were never trained in finance, yet now find themselves responsible for contributing to the overall financial well-being of our system. Finance leaders Casey Moore and Clint Reid offer a basic vocabulary to help establish a shared financial language at University of Utah Health.

Mindful Eating: Slow Down and Taste Your Food

Physician David Sandweiss shares the transformative power of mindful eating in the chaos of health care. Amidst the hurried pace and stressful conditions, health care professionals can find solace in savoring each bite with intention, bringing gratitude to their meals, and rediscovering the joy of food. Learn how this practice offers moments of tranquility in the midst of clinical chaos.

Unwrap Toxic Positivity

For many of us, focusing only on the positive—at the expense of experiencing a negative emotion—has been taught and expected. But why not adapt and learn from something so unique as an authentic human emotion? Chief Human Resources Officer Christian Sherwood shares learning from psychologist Susan David.

How to Meaningfully Address Race and Identity With Your Patients

Sometimes, just listening really helps. U of U Health patient Andrea Garavito Martinez and family physician Erika Sullivan discuss how physicians can meaningfully address health impacts of racism and identity with their patients.

University of Utah Health Department of Nursing Strategic Priorities

Chief Nursing Officer Tracey Nixon walks us through the Department of Nursing Strategic Priorities to explain what it is, how it works, and why it matters to you.

Not Just a Primary Care Concern: Inpatient Opportunities to Build Vaccine Confidence

Pediatric hospitalists and patient advocates Reena Tam and Erin Avondet shed light on the untapped opportunity to augment pediatric vaccination coverage in our communities and build vaccine confidence in the inpatient setting. They provide a host of resources and practical tips you can apply right now.

How to Recover from Adverse Events

Health care workers experience trauma every day in multiple ways, making it difficult to fully recover. Jake Van Epps shares tips for recovering and supporting your colleagues through these adverse events.

Navigating Workplace Gossip: Strategies for a Positive Environment

Despite its notorious reputation for sowing discord, gossip remains an ever-present force, subtly eroding trust and relationships. Leadership training specialist Jess Burgett shares the intricate world of workplace gossip, explaining its origins, understanding its complex dynamics, and unveiling strategies to mitigate its corrosive effects.

Designing Responsive and Personalized Care for Depression

Rachel Weir and Josi Rust share how the U Health system identified a gap in caring for patients struggling with depression and the screening initiative their team has designed and scaled to improve mental health screening and outreach.

MEDiversity Week: Care-4-All Ages

The mission of MEDiversity Week is to highlight the equity, diversity, and inclusion work within University of Utah Health; while addressing health care disparities, offering solutions for the training of our current and future providers, and hosting discussions on how to continually advocate for equity and inclusion in our daily personal and professional lives. All are welcome to get involved and participate!

Providing Culturally Responsive Care for Native Patients

Native people often face many barriers, disparities and inequities when it comes to healthcare. Family Nurse Practitioners from the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake (UICSL) Danielle Puri and Joshua Twitchell highlight the significance of cultural responsiveness in healthcare for Native patients and provide tips to practice.

From Delay to Done: Beating Procrastination

In the face of looming deadlines and challenging tasks, overcoming procrastination often seems like an uphill battle. Leadership training specialist Jess Burgett delves into the art of reversing procrastination triggers, offering practical insights and actionable steps to help you conquer procrastination and unlock your true productivity potential.