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The Five Elements of Patient Experience

What do patients want? University of Utah Health’s patient experience team reveals what fifteen years of evolving qualitative analysis of hundreds of thousands of patient voices have taught us.

Key Behaviors: Master What Matters to Patients

Looking for a refresher in simple behaviors that matter to patients? Manager of Patient Experience Operations Kathryn Young shares a framework that works for all areas of care.

5 Ways You Can Contribute to the UUHC Operational Plan

In an organization as big as U of U Health, it’s hard to know where our work fits into the big picture. System Planning Manager Cassandra Taft highlights five ways teams can meaningfully contribute to Operational Plan priorities, regardless of job role or responsibility.

Unraveling the Rural Opioid Epidemic: Community Problems Require Community Solutions

Senior Operations Project Manager Harlan Wallace shares how the U of U Health Regional Network has invested in building partnerships directly with rural healthcare facilities to unravel the root causes of opioid addiction, working together to implement meaningful change.

Ask These Four Questions Before Starting Any Improvement

Hospitalist Ryan Murphy and Value Engineer Luca Boi outline four questions to address at the outset of any improvement.

Listen-Sort-Empower to Improve Professional Well-being

What can we do right now to make our work environment better? Chief Wellness Officer and family medicine physician Amy Locke shares a simple team-based model for identifying opportunities, sorting what’s feasible and impactful, and empowering the frontline to lead change.

How to Use Patient Experience Reports for Recognition and Improvement

The patient experience team shares a leadership guide for using patient feedback for learning, engagement, and improvement.

Why Introductions are Important to Patients

Introducing ourselves is a simple, yet often overlooked and underrated action to build connection with patients and caregivers. Patient experience leaders Ember Hunsaker, Mari Ransco, and Kathryn Young share why introductions are important and a simple framework to try.

Shared Governance: A Foundation for a Culture of Nursing Excellence

Magnet Program Director Mary-Jean (Gigi) Austria explains how Nursing Shared Governance provides support for knowledge sharing, clinical skill building, and collaborative decision-making closest to the point of care.

Shared Governance: Harnessing Our Collective Strengths

Shared governance is a decision-making model designed to empower the people who care for patients. Chief Nursing Officer Tracey Nixon explains what it is, how it impacts you, and what to expect in the coming months.

Patient Insights: Effective Feedback During Hospitalization

U of U Health's patient family advisory councils, Patient Design Studio and Advise Utah, recently gathered feedback from patients and caregivers on inpatient surveys and communication. Patient Experience's Emily Izzo, Corrie Harris, and Marcie Hopkins share insights from these advisory councils.

What Goldilocks Can Teach You About Problem Statements

Internal medicine residents Brian Sanders and Matt Christensen team up with senior value engineer Luca Boi to explain why investing your time honing a well-defined problem statement can pay dividends later in the ultimate success of a QI project.