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What is a Goal Setting Framework?

You’ve heard of setting goals, but what about a goal setting framework? Project management expert Kripa Kuncheria helps us organize our teams’ efforts by outlining goal setting frameworks with simple step-by-step options to try right now.

How to Turn a Gut Feeling into a QI Project

Your gut tells you a process could be better than it is—how do you back that feeling up with hard data? Senior value engineer Luca Boi shows how undertaking a baseline analysis can jumpstart your improvement project.

The Innovation of Integrated Care

Intensive Outpatient Clinic Physician Stacey Bank, Social Worker Christina Cackler, and Executive Medical Director of Population Health Peter Weir share what it took to build an integrated practice and why it pays to innovate for patient-centered care.

Not Sure How to Build Relational Culture at Work? Start with Signaling

Relational culture—when everyone on a team feels seen, heard, and valued for who they are—is a cornerstone of high-functioning teams. Kyle Turner shares the benefits of having a relational culture and how to apply the concept to health care.

We’re Bringing Hand Hygiene Back

This fundamental patient safety practice gets to the heart of “Do No Harm” in health care—so why is it slipping across the nation? In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, we’re checking-in with U of U Health infection prevention experts Julie Swindells, Katie Smith, and Alessia Banning to bring hand hygiene best practices front and center.

Reducing Colectomy Surgical Site Infections

General Surgery Resident Molly Leonard, Colorectal Surgeon Luke Martin, and Infection Preventionist Hailey Harris share how they reduced infections by addressing patient, provider, and environmental factors.

More Than "Some Other Race": Improving Race and Ethnicity Data Quality to Advance Health Equity

Accurate, self-reported race and ethnicity data is necessary to create visibility of health disparities, provide inclusive care, and improve equity of health outcomes. Community engagement director RyLee Curtis, Chief Quality Officer Sandi Gulbransen, Project Manager Kimberly Killam, Patient Experience Director Mari Ransco, Chief Medical Informatics Officer Michael Strong, and Health Sciences Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Librarian Donna Baluchi explain how University of Utah is improving data quality.

What is DNV? And Other Burning Accreditation Questions

Chief Quality Officer Sandi Gulbransen and Accreditation Manager Kemper Funk provide insight on our partnership with DNV, how accreditation contributes to the safety of our patients and staff, and what to expect during our upcoming evaluation.

8 Stories That Connected in 2022 – A Community Thank You

Accelerate Learning Community has now grown to exceed more than half a million learners from across the world! Each month, we average around 30,000 visitors who learn about health care equity, improvement, leadership and resilience from U of U Health faculty, staff, students, and trainees. Continuing our annual tradition of giving thanks, we’re celebrating the eight most popular national articles and local favorites in 2022.

You Will Know When It Clicks

Learning a language is a lot like learning collaborative problem solving. Senior Value Engineer Luca Boi takes us to his childhood home of Sardegna, Italy, where he struggled to reconnect with the language—and then it clicked.

Dissecting Utilization Review

Utilization Review is a necessary, but oftentimes messy process that ensures patients are receiving the most appropriate care in the most appropriate setting. Jenny Tuan, hospitalist and medical director of Utilization Review, dissects what UR is all about, including confusing gray areas and sticky pain points.

Nurse Leader Rounding for Educators

Nurse Leader Rounding fosters meaningful connection, deepens our understanding of our patients' experiences, and helps us improve as a system. Nursing and education champions Breanna Brannan and Kim Mahoney outline what the process looks like for Nursing Professional Development Practitioners (NPDPs) and offer tips for making connections with patients.