Adapting and Improving Through Adversity

Almost one year ago the novel coronavirus turned longstanding educational approaches on their heads. Savvy educators responded to the challenge. Learn how U of U Health Medical School faculty pivoted to online learning in just three days, improving long-term education decision-making along the way.

Add a Little Play to Your Day

Feeling stressed? Maybe you should decompress. Recreational therapist Holly Badger and training specialist MaryAnn Young outline three expert ways to add a little more play to your day.

Addiction is More Common Than You Think: Let's Eliminate the Stigma and Break the Silence

Addiction specialist psychiatrist Beth Howell addresses the stigma and silence of substance abuse in health professions. If you or someone you know is struggling, there’s a global community of anonymized support.

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy by Creating a Circle of Trust

Covid-19 shined a bright light on disparate access to information and health care for marginalized communities. University of Utah Physician Assistant Wagma Mohmand and Utah Muslim Civic League’s Luna Banuri share how they are building on trust to vaccinate and support Utah’s Muslims through the pandemic.

Am I Really a Hero? I'm Just Doing My Job

For many in health care, the heroic expectations brought on by the pandemic present internal conflicts that threaten our well-being. Director of psycho-oncology at Huntsman Cancer Hospital Paul Thielking and social worker Megan Whitlock examine this conflict and provide strategies for attending to our own needs.

Amazon and Friends

When Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. announced their plans to partner up and tackle “the ballooning costs of health care,” our industry underwent a collective shudder. Thankfully, Utah’s payment innovation manager Zac Watne is back to help us unravel the complexity.

An Evidence-based Case for Teamwork

The hard work of improving value includes leading and engaging a team. Two improvers, Emily Carlson and Dr. Lauren Wood, share how they kept their teams engaged throughout a long (and sometimes inconclusive) improvement process.

And the Telly Award Goes To: "U of U Health's Sterile Processing"

Sterile Processing runs a lean operation, and this video produced by value engineer Steve Johnson and video wizard Charlie Ehlert won a national 2018 Telly Award for shedding light on our system’s unseen infection prevention heroes.

Angels of Mercy

Terry Tempest Williams is a Utah native, writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. Here, she reflects on the courage of nurses both serving and stepping forward during the pandemic.

Are Emotions Driving Health Care Cost?

Much of the national dialogue about health care costs focuses on payment reform and the power of market forces. Researchers compared the price-sensitivity of decisions between health care and pet care. The big idea—don’t lose sight of emotions when tackling the problem of health care costs.

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