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Accelerate 2018: By The Numbers
Over two years ago, we launched Accelerate–University of Utah Health’s learning community. It has been rewarding, inspiring, and fun to share Utah’s work with nearly 50,000 readers, some of them from across the world. Everybody loves a year-end list, so here are Accelerate’s awards for 2018.

1. The Internet Cat Award for capturing (and holding) our attention

Your attention span online is short. Eight seconds to be exact. But somehow, Utah’s payment innovation manager, Zac Watne, got 4,479 people to become engrossed in payment reform (no kidding) for an average of 7:35 minutes per visit. Of note: Though Zac's article posted in May of 2017, 90% of these visits happened in 2018. That's the cool thing about enduring content—it just sits there waiting for the right person to find it.

Top 5 “Time on Page”

  1. Unraveling Payment: Retrospective vs. Prospective Payment by Zac Watne
  2. Using Adversity & Teamwork to Transform Patients’ Experiences by Brett Clayson
  3. Gratitude by Rob Davies
  4. The Science of Scheduling by Amy Barrus, Kim Pacheco, Staci Taufer, Ryan Watts, and Marcie Weiszbrod
  5. Plan Your Disney Vacation the High Reliability Way by Brittany Patterson

2. The Sensible Shoes Award for practical advice sharing

Speaking of attention spans—do people zone out 10 minutes into your presentation? Oh, but your message can live on. When Kathy Palmer Schumann put together a PowerPoint on improving response to call lights, she probably didn’t think 7,079 people would read it. But that’s exactly what happened.

In fact, the 29 slide decks on Accelerate have been viewed nearly 22,000 times. What do all of them have in common? Practical, actionable, advice.

Top 5 Most Viewed PowerPoint Decks (of 29 on Accelerate)

  1. How a Surgical Unit Improved Response to Call Lights by Kathy Palmer Schumann
  2. How The Burn Trauma ICU Eliminated Central Line Infections by Brad Wiggins
  3. "Call me Kate”: Safety Culture Lessons from Ghana by Kate Smiley
  4. How Utah Shares and Spreads Improvement by Brittany Patterson
  5. The Elephant, The Rider, and the Path to Change in Health Care by Bob Pendleton

3. The “We’ve Got, High Hopes!” Award for connection

Will we remember 2018 as the year we craved something more than the distraction of our smartphones? Some of our highest performing content in 2018 highlighted our enduring need to connect with each other. The Effective Communicator reminded us that meetings can be essential communication practices, while a series of articles on wellness reminded us of our humanity.

Top 5 Connection Posts (by pageview)

  1. The Effective Communicator Series by Isaac Holyoak
  2. Five Ways to Have a Serious Conversation by Paige Patterson
  3. Mindfulness by Trinh Mai
  4. Translating Passion into Individual and System Impact by Brett Einerson
  5. It's Not About the Brain - It's About the Heart by Charles Saltzman

3. The Best Kept Secret Award for keeping patients safe

What if a daily process to provide safe and efficient surgeries became interesting to 8,200 people? Secret is out! Lean Behind the Scenes: Sterile Processing did just that.

Around 700 surgeries and procedures take place in University of Utah Health every week, and at every single one, a surgeon walks into the operating room and finds their tools waiting. This video explains the lean process led by manager Janet Paschal and the Sterile Processing team to prepare thousands of instruments.

Thank you!

Thank you to all 151 U of U Health contributors who shared 251 stories with us since we began. And thank you to the 47,304 who keep coming back.

We look forward to learning more from you next year!



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