Adding a little more play to your day not only brings happiness, it relieves stress, improves our ability to learn, and can create stronger connections to others and the world around us.
MaryAnn Young, Holly Badger

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The Uncomfortable Conversation You Need to Have

Many people, including health care professionals, are turning to alcohol and other substances to help cope with the stresses of Covid-19. Licensed psychologist Kelly Lundberg shares how to talk to colleagues who may be silently suffering.

How to Find (or Reignite) Your Inspiration

After a year like none other, feeling inspired and motivated takes hard work. U of U Health’s Executive Director of University Hospital Service Lines & System Planning Alison Flynn Gaffney walks us through how to find and reignite inspiration and motivation.

How to Practice Three Good Things

Mindfulness educators Trinh Mai, Jean Whitlock, and Rob Davies guide us through a quick and simple exercise for reducing burnout and increasing well-being by remembering positive experiences and reflection.

Assess Your Stress–Where Are You on the Stress Continuum?

There may be light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, but that doesn’t mean the stressful days are behind us. Jean Whitlock, of the Resiliency Center, shares how you and your teams can assess your stress levels and identify ways to manage them.

Take a Break! The Case for Prioritizing Rest Breaks

Nurses are notorious for not taking breaks—the culture of their work environment doesn’t make it easy. Katrina Emery, a MICU charge nurse working on her doctor of nursing practice (DNP), sheds light on how to change culture to prioritize breaks to improve health and wellbeing.

Add a Little Play to Your Day

Feeling stressed? Maybe you should decompress. Recreational therapist Holly Badger and training specialist MaryAnn Young outline three expert ways to add a little more play to your day.

Team Burnout is Real: 3 Questions to Help Course Correct

Family Physician and Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke outlines three questions to ask to help teams reduce burnout and get back on track.

Hitting the Wall During COVID-19: New Ways of Discovering our Well-being

What can happen when a pandemic meets medicine’s existing culture of overwork? Burnout. Pediatrician Diane Liu, radiologist Yoshimi Anzai, and family medicine physician Amy Locke provide three ways to re-engineer the workday to address clinician well-being during COVID-19 and beyond.

Prescribing Mindfulness in Clinical Settings

With so much going on around the world and in our daily lives, our brains are constantly in overdrive. Mindfulness educator and social worker Trinh Mai explores what practitioners across U of U Health and the VA are doing to help their patients and teammates take a mental break and respond courageously in these times.

Five Ways Our Culture of Wellness is Working During COVID-19

Family Medicine physician and co-director of the Resiliency Center Amy Locke outlines five ways U of U Health’s strategic commitment to well-being is paying off during COVID-19.

Yellow Daffodils & One Obituary Writer

Terry Tempest Williams is a Utah native, writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. She takes us into the current world of Boston Globe obituaries editor Bryan Marquard, and why shared grief can be endured grief.

Of Course People are Baking Bread

It’s the mundane and the sublime, sustenance of all forms. Harvard Graduate School of Design student Emily Duma encourages us while confined to mix sorrow, knead beauty, bake in connection and slather the butter on thick.