Trainees who feel empowered to be vulnerable, seek out connection, and embrace growth help restore humanity to a health care system that sometimes feels isolating and mechanized.
Katie Gradick

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Managing the Moment: When Anger Takes Over

Caring for our community has been our superpower throughout the pandemic. In this moment, however, our capacity for empathy is being challenged. Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke shares four strategies to help keep your cool when emotions run high.

How Patrice is Moving Forward

Patrice Hicks shares her personal story of struggles and loss during the pandemic, and her glimmer of hope for the future.

How Lauren is Moving Forward

University of Utah School of Dentistry student Lauren Kvam shares a personal story of her struggles from last year, and her hope for brighter days.

90-Second Storytelling for Connection and Healing

The Resiliency Center's Jean Whitlock and Megan Call provide a step-by-step guide for infusing frequent and efficient storytelling into your workday.

Grief Support Groups for Your Patients: A Place of Hope and Comfort

While many people run away from loss and grief, Katherine Supiano, director of caring connections, embraces it and those going through it. With the help of her community, she facilitates healing through compassionate support systems, evidence-based training, and emotional validation.

Four Ways Leaders Can Encourage Teams to Recover

Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke shares practical strategies for leaders to address the real tension we’re feeling between the desire to take a break and the increasing workload.

How Terri is Moving Forward

Patient relations specialist Terri Berg shares her personal story of heartbreaking loss and struggles from last year, and how the support of her team helped her through it.

Four Ways to Manage Our Horizon Conflict

The Delta variant has thrown a disappointing wrench in our pandemic progress. While some take their first extended vacations, others continue to work their tails off. The Resiliency Work Group's Megan Call and Mari Ransco share a metaphor—the horizon conflict—to help explain how to manage this moment.

How Madeline is Moving Forward

Simulation Center director Madeline Lassche shares her personal story of grief and struggle from last year, and how the support of her family and team members has guided her through it all.

2021 Well-being and Resilience Poster Fair

The Resiliency Center's Wellness Champion Program shares posters from this year's Annual Well-being and Resilience Poster Fair.

Positive Approaches to Preventing and Treating Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence, rape, and sexual assault are hard topics to discuss. Kathy Franchek-Roa and Marty Liccardo provide positive strategies to work through these difficult issues.

How Saba Parvez is Moving Forward

Research scientist Saba Parvez shares his personal story of grief and struggle from last year, and his hope and silver linings for the future.