Self-compassion facilitates psychological strength during difficult times, better preparing us for future challenges.
Jean Whitlock, Trinh Mai, Megan Call, and Jake Van Epps

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Four Ways Leaders Can Encourage Teams to Recover

Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke shares practical strategies for leaders to address the real tension we’re feeling between the desire to take a break and the increasing workload.

2021 Well-being and Resilience Poster Fair

The Resiliency Center's Wellness Champion Program shares posters from this year's Annual Well-being and Resilience Poster Fair.

How Environmental Services Balances the Scale of Resiliency

Step into the shoes of James Mwizerwa, environmental services supervisor, to learn how he and his team stay resilient and persevere through their demanding work.

Take a Break! The Case for Prioritizing Rest Breaks

Nurses are notorious for not taking breaks—the culture of their work environment doesn’t make it easy. Katrina Emery, a MICU charge nurse working on her doctor of nursing practice (DNP), sheds light on how to change culture to prioritize breaks to improve health and wellbeing.

Five Ways Our Culture of Wellness is Working During COVID-19

Family Medicine physician and co-director of the Resiliency Center Amy Locke outlines five ways U of U Health’s strategic commitment to well-being is paying off during COVID-19.

Angels of Mercy

Terry Tempest Williams is a Utah native, writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. Here, she reflects on the courage of nurses both serving and stepping forward during the pandemic.

Am I Really a Hero? I'm Just Doing My Job

For many in health care, the heroic expectations brought on by the pandemic present internal conflicts that threaten our well-being. Director of psycho-oncology at Huntsman Cancer Hospital Paul Thielking and social worker Megan Whitlock examine this conflict and provide strategies for attending to our own needs.

Workplace Aggression

Workplace aggression occurs so frequently in health care that it’s often accepted as “part of the job.” Patient Safety nurse coordinator Connie Phelps describes some of the work being done at University of Utah Health to help shift that paradigm.

Improving Wellness: 40 Champions, 20 Projects, 12 Months of Progress

A year ago, University of Utah Health decided to tackle a major problem in health care today: burnout. Forty people – and their teams – spread across an enormous health system took on the challenge. We sat down with family physician and co-director of the Resiliency Center Amy Locke to learn about what works in improving faculty and staff wellness.

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