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Our Community's Best of Utah
We're wrapping up our new faculty welcome with a short list from Accelerate's advisors on where to eat, what to do and a few locals-only insider tips.

Where to Eat


campus options are pretty limited. If we can find the time, most of us tend to venture out. We asked the Accelerate advisors for their favorite on and off campus eats:

"Oh Mai or Spitz."–Cindy Spangler

"Even Steven's (15% discount if you show your badge!), Sawadee, Skewered Thai."–Zac Watne

"Lunch at Takashi."–Ellen Morrow

" Thai Siam (2 locations). Casual, inexpensive, but tasty Thai food. On campus (sort of), Porcupine on 13th. The nachos are a MUST!"–Bob Pendleton

"Red Basil Thai Bistro."–Dane Falkner

" Nuch's."–Isaac Holyoak

"$$$ Bambara, favorite Mexican try Red Iguana and Lone Star Taqueria. Quick and close try Zao Asian Cafe, Cafe Rio, and fast food favorite is In-N-Out Burger. Best gourmet burger is the Lucky 13 Garlic Burger."–Kirk Hughs

"Sawadee Thai Food."–Matt Sanford

"Pago (new American), Hector’s (3300 south), Per Noi (Italian, sugarhouse), Sweetaly, Tosh’s Ramen (on state), Zest (vegan, good drinks), Takashi (sushi), Oh Mai (bahn mi), on campus stop at The HUB (HSEB lower level south end), and of course Starbucks." –Ryan Murphy

"Longhorn Steak House in South Jordan!" –Jared Wrigley

"Pago."–Kencee Graves

"Whiskey Street (best burger and Drinks), Settobello (pizza), Layla (mediterranean), Cotton Bottom (garlic burger)."–Brittany Patterson

"Korea House on 1300 S."–Devin Horton

What to Do


t’s clear that most of us hear the call of the wild and take it. Utah is famous for its northern mountain highs and red stone vistas in the south. Here are a few activities (some mountain, some mellow) for you to consider.

"Canyoneering and camping in San Rafael Swell." –Cindy Spangler

"Go running in the mountains, try hiking in Zion and Bryce Canyons." –Zac Watne

"On campus, go to the U of U athletic events! PAC-12 makes for great competition. Off campus, travel! A forgotten PLUS of Utah is the convenience of the airport and being a Delta hub means direct flight options are plentiful! Within the state, southern Utah is an absolute playground."–Bob Pendleton

" Brewvies (watch a movie while sipping a beer)."–Isaac Holyoak

"Utah is an outdoor playground. National Parks everywhere. Recommend backpacking in the desert of Southern Utah . Skiing at many of the great resorts ( Snowbird is my fav)!"–Kirk Hughs

"Go skiing! Solitude is least crowded, great skiing. In the summer, paddle boarding and boating at Jordanelle (only ~30 minutes away).–Matt Sanford

" Mountain Biking ."–Jared Wrigley

"With kids: Museum of Natural Curiosity (so much to see and do), Utah Children's Theater (old-fashion soda shop, great productions - laughing encouraged), Camping (quick getaway)."–Brittany Patterson

"One thing I absolutely recommend to all new arrivals to SLC that can be done shortly after most folks come here and does not depend on physical fitness is to see Albion Basin in late July for the wildflowers. I always advise folks they can make it a brief nature walk or a bona fide hike depending on their inclination/abilities." –Ryan Murphy

Insider Tips


ome things you can only learn through experience. Here are a few locals-only insights:

"If you go to the zoo with kids, get there right when it opens at 9:00 a.m., then go straight to then end of the park and BEGIN with the bears and tigers. They are more awake at this time of the day and you will be all alone."–Devin Horton

"I belong to Wasatch Mountain Club - for an annual membership fee of $35 they show some amazing outdoor gems for a very low cost!"–Cindy Spangler

"Staying at ski resorts is (relatively) cheap in the summer and very rewarding."–Zac Watne

"Spend a summer weekend exploring Bear Lake and get a raspberry shake from LaBeaus or closer to home hike Bell's Canyon up to the falls!"–Bob Pendleton

"Use transit! The Red Line TRAX extends from SJHC campus to the main campus without transfers, leaves every 15 minutes and takes 61 minutes end to end. Pass is free for anyone with a U of U ID."–Dane Falkner

"When the inversion lingers in February, head down to Moab for a weekend getaway. It's warm enough to hike the parks, but cool enough to keep the crowds away."–Isaac Holyoak

"The snow is not as bad to drive in as you think (this is not heavy, wet-snow). January has horrible smog in the valley so head to Park City for warmer weather and blue sky. Utah has a great work-life balance - enjoy it!"–Kirk Hughs

"City Creek Canyon is great scenery and so close to the city and not very crowded."–Matt Sanford

"Get to know the Value Engineering Team. Very helpful!!!"–Jared Wrigley

"Get a reserved spot to park on campus !"–Kencee Graves

"If you're just getting into outdoor sports you can rent or purchase gently used equipment from the U of U equipment rental."–Brittany Patterson


Accelerate Editorial Team

Health care professionals who lead development and production of this learning community (see About), University of Utah Health

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