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Mixed Medicine II
Brooklyn musical artist, producer and Harvard Divinity School student Lindsay Sanwald (aka Idgy Dean) is back with two new songs and a music video made for the "Beauty in a Broken World" series while in quarantine.

The Eyes of the Future (Something Other Than Other)

"The Eyes of the Future (Something Other Than Other)" sings about Italian Renaissance humanist, Giovanni Boccaccio, who conceived of his masterpiece, The Decameron, while in exile from the Black Death in Fiesole–historically a place of study for augury and divination. Together with this song's release was a world-wide call for visual submissions to co-create a new collaborative music video.

This high energy track was released in late April, and includes creative contributions from Lindsay's older brother, Rudy Sanwald (musical samples), plus her teacher, Terry Tempest Williams (the sampled spoken poetry).


An earlier version of this song was originally written and recorded ten years ago. It was inspired in great part by the works of performance artist Marina Abramovic, and getting to “be present” with her at MoMa in March of 2010. I resuscitated this song during quarantine, aiming to make a track evocative of the love addiction mood swings of loneliness–a manic reggaeton bliss quickly turns to dark doubts about Love, God, and whether I will ever be a mother myself or have another romantic partner. I worked on it during Mother’s Day weekend 2020. 


Lindsay Sanwald (aka Idgy Dean) is a musical artist and creative producer from Brooklyn, New York. She devoted a decade of her life to writing, recording, and touring her mystical/queer/feminist one-woman psychedelic rock shows across the USA and abroad. Lindsay is a trained Tantrika yogini in the ISHTA lineage. She teaches Kriya meditation, Kirtan, coordinates spiritual retreats, and pastors part-time as a sober bartender. At Harvard Divinity School, she is studying ancient Vedic literature, early Christian thought, ministry, philosophy, mysticism, music ritual, and writing.

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