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Ideas From The Brain Trust
Health care is made up of people — creative, passionate people with big ideas who are often too busy to learn from one another.

need different ideas to emerge and be tested quickly, an idea called information brokerage. One way we’re doing this is through the space we’re calling the Brain Trust. The phrase Brain Trust is closely associated with one of the world’s most innovative companies, Pixar, but we’re borrowing it. Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, describes the Brain Trust as the practice of putting “smart, passionate people in a room together, charge them with identifying and solving problems, and encourage them to be candid.”

This space is our version of the Brain Trust. We invite you to share and borrow ideas, in bite-size formats.


Accelerate Editorial Team

The Accelerate Editorial Team is a group of health care professionals who lead development and production of this website (see About), University of Utah Health

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