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Value Improvement Leaders (VIL): Course Archives
Value Improvement Leaders (VIL) is a 13 week leadership course offered at University of Utah Health that teaches the skills needed to provide sponsorship and leadership for value improvement work. Principles taught are taken from Lean, Six Sigma, and PDSA methodologies. The course explains theory, provides healthcare examples of many specific leadership techniques, and uses an applied learning model. Not everyone can take the course, but everyone can follow along with the lesson plan.

Course Archives

VIL #1: The Vision Summary - Starting a value improvement effort

VIL #2: Value Improvement Methodology - Using Process thinking

VIL #3: The Value Summary - Acting your way into thinking

VIL #4: SMART Goals - Defining metrics critical to your project

VIL #5: Voice of the Customer - Understanding patients' needs

VIL #6: Value Stream - Considering the patient's perspective

VIL #7: Seven Wastes in Health Care - Identifying value-added and non-value-added

VIL #8: Gemba - Go to where the work happens

VIL #9: Process Mapping - Bring clarity to the complex

VIL #10: Data-Driven Decision Making - Why value leaders are data-driven

VIL #11: Brainstorming - It's energizing, but not analysis

VIL #12: Special Cause Variation vs. Common Cause Variation - Test for noise and signal

VIL #13: Histograms and Run Charts - Explaining a continuous dataset

VIL #14: Standard Deviation - Summarizes dispersion (but can be misleading)

VIL #15: Baseline Analysis and Investigation - This is necessary

VIL #16: Box and Whisker Plot - Great for visualizing variation within and between groups

VIL #17: Pareto Analysis - How to separate the vital few from the trivial many

VIL #18: Value Summary Revisit - How to act your way into thinking

VIL #19: Standard Work - Helpful reminders, constantly at the ready, improve process

VIL #20: Forcing Functions - Mistake-proofing mechanisms

VIL #21: Visual Workplace Management - Visual cues in the workflow

VIL #22: Implementation and Piloting - A few project management fundamentals


Steve Johnson

Director, Value Engineering, University of Utah Health

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