If you can identify the small things that make big impacts, you may be able to quickly make some big wins while decreasing stress, increasing a feeling of control, and helping to build a culture of wellbeing.
Amy Locke

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It’s been quite a year—but we made it! The Accelerate Team is celebrating the small wins with some big engagement from across the globe. Thank you to all 158 contributors who shared valuable insights with the U of U Health community in 2021.

How Patrice is Moving Forward

Patrice Hicks shares her personal story of struggles and loss during the pandemic, and her glimmer of hope for the future.

How Lauren is Moving Forward

University of Utah School of Dentistry student Lauren Kvam shares a personal story of her struggles from last year, and her hope for brighter days.

How Madeline is Moving Forward

Simulation Center director Madeline Lassche shares her personal story of grief and struggle from last year, and how the support of her family and team members has guided her through it all.

No Really, How Are You?

Emergency Medicine physician Megan Fix shares her personal story of how the simple act of a colleague asking, “No really, how are you?” changed her life.

If COVID-19 is a Marathon, How Do I Get to the Finish Line?

Lifelong runner and psychologist Megan Call shares six practical strategies that work for all of us, non-runners included.

Scared and Alone, Patients Find Comfort in Their Caregivers

The pandemic has been especially hard on Utah’s Hispanic population. Cornelio Morales, health care assistant in the MICU, shares his experiences caring for patients that are alone and scared as they struggle through a confusing illness. While the work is difficult, Morales finds comfort in his team, knowing they are always giving patients the best care possible.

The Story of Fayna

Trixie Lavender shares her love of writing fantasy fiction with a story about a fairy named Fayna from the planet Onthrani.

Embrace Love of Self

Arlais Rune, contracting officer for the Office of Sponsored Projects, shares a haiku she wrote about her journey of self-acceptance and how listening to and validating others leads to a much more authentic, vibrant community.

How Is the Solution

Medical Informatics student Skyler Morrise reflects on the care he received as a patient with a rare birth defect and his transgender journey. He hopes for a future where providers use a more multidisciplinary approach when treating patients with unique needs to create an environment where quality of care is the priority—despite a lack of explanation for the obstacles providers and patients may face together.

Missing Sounds of Primary Children’s

Tiffany Glasgow, Division Chief of Inpatient Medicine, offers her perspective for phasing back into the workplace and the differences she notices in the hospital environment.

Something Deeper Than Hope

Terry Tempest Williams is a Utah native, writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. She reflects on this moment on the threshold of what’s next as the country reopens in this last dispatch from the desert.