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Top 5 "Whys" of 2016
We believe that improvement in healthcare needs more connection to what makes this hard work meaningful. That’s why we ask every person who contributes to Accelerate – how did you get into healthcare? There are easier jobs out there, so what keeps you here? Here are a few of our favorite answers.

Excerpt: I don’t need external measures of performance, what I do need is to look back and say that we made a more viable future for my colleagues and my own kids if they choose a career in healthcare. And that medicine continues to be the best profession that it can be.

think robin kim risky surgery

Excerpt: As you’d imagine, there are few situations in which people feel more helpless than waiting for an organ needed to survive. The worry, heartache, and stress often extend to family members whose lives are put on hold or devastated by a loved one’s illness. For many, the favorable odds of success and the feelings of immense satisfaction that come with saving someone’s life outweigh the potential risks of living-donor liver transplantation. We started our program in Utah so that more families have the opportunity to make this difficult decision for themselves and to help them take back a measure of control in circumstances in which, for a long time, they have felt powerless.

Excerpt: So, just a personal anecdote. My mother was an orthopedic patient. She was in a car accident when I was in elementary school. Her leg went through the windshield and the car rolled. The windshield cut everything down to the bone and she lost her anterior tendons so she could no longer lift her foot up.

#4 Bob Pendleton:

"For me, tying it back to the patient makes it easier"

Excerpt: In 2012, Bob Pendleton became the University of Utah’s first Chief Medical Quality Officer. Pendleton believed that above all else, the organization needed to believe that quality metrics mattered. Instead of looking at the external pressure negatively, he found that quality metrics resonated with his personal vision of medicine. “For me, tying it back to the patient makes it easier…We are always saying transformation in healthcare is SO HARD. We should be saying that it is SO EASY. There is not a better true north than making it possible for someone to live a better life with better health.”

sylvia burwell1

Excerpt: We are trying to shift the entire system to focus on Smarter, Better, Healthier - to get to a place where the consumer is at the center of their care. In order to do that, there are three main things we need to do.


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