Can Netflix Help Us Choose a Physician?

Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones examines the Netflix algorithm for user preference as a model for developing provider selection tools that match patient values with their care needs.

Candi's Story: When Health Care's Failings Hit Home

Utah’s Chief Medical Quality Officer Dr. Bob Pendleton shares his sister's experience navigating cancer care and challenges the idea of what it means to be a doctor: What if we were committed to understanding what matters to our patients, and then we used that information to improve care?

Canyoneering Close Call: Always Have a Safety Plan

Engineer Cindy Spangler compares canyoneering and surgery and identifies a common thread: the need for high-reliability processes. She describes how surgical time-out, a quick huddle to debrief before surgery, can serve as a useful model for reducing the risk of harm in canyoneering.

Celebrate Signal, Drown Out Noise

To celebrate the New Year, Value Engineer Mitch Cannon applied statistics to weight loss. He was quickly reminded of an important lesson that applies in health care: when you’re trying to improve, don’t overreact to data.

Celebrating Our Culture of Improvement

Evidence-based practice (EBP) integrates clinical expertise with the best available evidence to drive innovation and improvement. Sue Childress, director of nursing at Huntsman Cancer Institute, champions the process in advance of the 5th Annual Evidence Based Practice Council Poster Fair.


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Change Up Your Morning Safety Huddle to Promote Resilience

There were eyerolls when David Sandweiss, medical director at Primary Childrens’ rapid treatment unit, first rang mindfulness bells to begin the daily safety huddle. But he kept at it. His four-step process is now a resiliency-building morning ritual that any team can implement.

Chasing Rainbows

Jonathan Martinez, photographer and video director for Huntsman Cancer Institute, shares his experience chasing a rainbow and reflects on what it means to be inclusive as a first-generation Brown, gay man.

Check Sheets: One Weird Trick to Gather Meaningful Data

This week, Steve describes a genius (yet simple) data collection tool: the check sheet. Colline Prasad and the SSTU nursing team used check sheets in their work reducing call lights, a project that turned out to be a triple-win; an intervention that improved patient perception of responsiveness, increased patient safety, and decreased nurse distraction.

Chemotherapy Standardization: A Case Study in What it Takes to Design Safe Systems

Preventing medication errors often means using checklists and leveraging technology. But implementing these seemingly simple tools requires interdisciplinary teamwork, learning, and a commitment to ongoing verification that the process is working. Clinical operations nursing director Joy Lombardi describes how Huntsman Cancer Institute made chemotherapy highly reliable.

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