Build Team Connection by Exploring Implicit Bias

Chief Medical Information Officer Maia Hightower shares a group exercise for exploring bias in the workplace that helps teams build connection and meaning.

Build Trust By Spending Time

Every productive relationship begins with trust, and trust rests on creating positive connections with people. How do you connect with those on your team? How do you understand their concerns? U of U Health’s Executive Director of Service Lines, Ancillary, and Support Services Alison Flynn Gaffney is experimenting with a new approach.

Building a Career on Value

Dr. Chris Pelt led one of the first applications of the Value Driven Outcomes (VDO) tool and the University of Utah’s first alternative payment model for joint replacement (the “bundle”). As a junior faculty member he volunteered for the CVO role, and we wondered what drove his early adoption of value. Accelerate's Chrissy Daniels asked him and—in true Pelt fashion—he didn't mince words.

Building a Career Progression Framework for Advanced Practice Clinicians

By the year 2032, two-thirds of the provider workforce will be advanced practice clinicians (APC). Charity Coe and Julie O’Brien, APCs and seasoned leaders passionate about improving their discipline, are charting a course for the success of future practitioners.

Building a Real Team With Trust

According to Melissa Horn, changing a culture takes three years. She would know. Melissa has had the unusual leadership challenge of being “the fixer” for four different clinics at University of Utah Health as director of outpatient women’s clinics. Accelerate learned how Melissa creates authentic teams (hint: it’s hard work and there are no shortcuts).

Building the Future of Rural Care

Rural and frontier communities have a harder time accessing care due to long distances and a shortage of medical resources in their own communities. The leaders of the Rural & Underserved Utah Training Experience (RUUTE) program, Kylie Christensen (medical school) and Sri Koduri (residency programs/GME), share what they’ve learned about improving access for rural communities now and into the future.

Bundled payment: the Big Idea

We asked Zac Watne, Utah’s payment innovation manager (he gets paid to understand the volatile world of payment reform) to give us a primer on “bundles.” Regardless of change happening in healthcare, thought leaders predict that payment reform, and specifically bundled payments, are here to stay. Why? Bundles deliver care with improved outcomes at a lower price all over the United States.

"Call me Kate”: Safety Culture Lessons from Ghana

In Ghana, Value Engineer Cindy Spangler, surgeons Kate Smiley and Marta McCrum found that patient safety rests on simple ideas that are hard in practice.

Can I tell you something? This will be over.

Though this time is categorized by immense uncertainty, Harvard Divinity School student Minahil Mehdi reminds us that one thing is certain—this will be over—with an introduction from Resiliency Center co-director Ellen Morrow.

Can Netflix Help Us Choose a Physician?

Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones examines the Netflix algorithm for user preference as a model for developing provider selection tools that match patient values with their care needs.

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