Why You Need to Take a Break: The Myth and Science of Pushing Yourself

Many of us are conditioned to push ourselves even harder when times get tough. Why would anyone even consider taking a break? Research says you should. Here’s some rationale and tips to help challenge the instinct to keep pushing through.

Workplace Aggression

Workplace aggression occurs so frequently in health care that it’s often accepted as “part of the job.” Patient Safety nurse coordinator Connie Phelps describes some of the work being done at University of Utah Health to help shift that paradigm.

Workplace Challenge: Is It a Culture or Technology Problem?

The pace of technological progress can make it seem like solutions to our health care problems are only a click away. Howard Weeks, Utah’s interim chief medical information officer, lauds the virtues of technology with this caveat: you can’t IT your way out of every problem.

Yellow Daffodils & One Obituary Writer

Terry Tempest Williams is a Utah native, writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. She takes us into the current world of Boston Globe obituaries editor Bryan Marquard, and why shared grief can be endured grief.

Zero Suicide - How Do We Get There?

The Zero Suicide initiative has been shown to significantly reduce suicides—and working toward zero suicides is our mission. Rachael Jasperson, Zero Suicide program manager, shares the framework for how we strive for this aspirational goal.

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