Watching Clouds of Unknowing

Terry Tempest Williams is a Utah native, writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. As we emerge from lockdown, Terry reflects on the ephemeral nature of clouds, our invisible threat, and the power of our collective imagination.

We All Have Stories—What Will You Do With Yours?

Chief Medical Information Officer Maia Hightower knows that positive change happens by building a community where people can be themselves—especially those people who may not have had the same opportunities. She shares her story to inspire change.

"We Are Surrounded By Genius" Leadership Beliefs from Rob Kistler

Beliefs are the emotional foundation for excellence and can shape organizational realities. Positive beliefs build energy, enthusiasm, caring and creativity and can increase resilience and influence bottom line results.* Rob Kistler leads nearly 1000 people as the senior director of University Hospital’s support services (nutrition care, environmental services, customer service, safety, and emergency management). Accelerate’s Chrissy Daniels interviewed Kistler to discuss what he believes about his team.

We’re in This Together: Making Tough Decisions Easier

The realities of COVID-19 have impacted visitor policies, creating challenges for patients and moral distress for staff. Jennifer Jones, nurse manager, has developed several approaches for leaders and staff to work through the tough decisions the updated visitor policy is forcing.

Webside Manner: Three Core Competencies to Master

Just because we use technology every day doesn’t necessarily make us excellent virtual care providers. Melissa Briley, physician assistant at Redstone Health Center, shares three core competencies needed to master the delivery of high quality virtual care.

Wellness Champions Toolbox

The Resiliency Center's Wellness Champion Program is excited to offer a program filled with resources centered around managing stress, reducing burnout, and optimizing well-being.

Wendy Hobson-Rohrer: Five More Tips For Faculty

We were amazed by the traffic to Ryan and Ellen’s post on advice for new faculty. So we were thrilled when pediatrician and Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Education Wendy Hobson-Rohrer asked to write a follow-up! She knows from experience that navigating a career in academic medicine is more jungle gym than ladder. Here's her top five tips for all faculty.

What Can I Say To You?

Being a bystander to those most impacted by the pandemic leaves many of us without words. Harvard Divinity School student Miles Dupuis Carey drafts a poem that uncovers the shame of dwelling in the sidelines as part of the “Beauty in a Broken World” Coyote Chaplaincy.

What Can Other States Learn from Utah about Delivering Great Health Care?

Utah “holds a unique distinction” when it comes to health care, according to a special report by the New England Journal of Medicine.

What do patient’s want? Ask them.

Ever wonder why your thoughtfully planned improvement fell flat with patients? Enter the University of Utah Health Patient Design Studio, a group of patients who meet monthly with improvers to provide actionable, direct and collaborative input on their improvement efforts.

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