A Congress of Ravens

Terry Tempest Williams is a Utah native, writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. Social distancing in the desert brings Terry into close contact with the desert’s vistas and wildlife.

A Framework to Measure Value-added Time in Health Care

The dojo welcomes guest author and senior value engineer Will McNett with a deep dive into clinic capacity utilization. McNett borrows from manufacturing to offer a framework to measure and increase what really matters to patients: time spent with their provider.

A Gift From the Far East

Learning from a fourth-century Chinese thinker today is an act of finding beauty in this broken world. Harvard Divinity School student Minahil Mehdi shares wisdom for the present from the distant past.

A Hiding Heart

There’s a compassion wall—a barrier created by the extra precautions COVID-19 requires. Harvard Graduate School of Education student Niharika Sanyal reflects on the pain of the provider, the patient, and the loved ones across the world struck by the pandemic.

A Look Back at the Project Charter

In this week’s dojo Steve takes a look back at the Project Charter with a dramatic retelling of actual history.

A Love Letter From Pakistan

Harvard Divinity School student Minahil Mehdi shares a letter of love and hope in this tragic time that comes from a place of personal experience.

A Mirror of Water

Terry Tempest Williams is a writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. In this third “Dispatch from the Desert,” Terry examines what natural disasters leave in their wake, both in the earth and in our memory.

A New Kind of Great Save: Value Improvement Leadership

We all love the “great save” stories. But heroism in the context of health care improvement isn’t always so exciting. When you’re pursuing more reliable, more patient-centered, and more affordable health care, providers have to rely on a different kind of gratification.

A Nurse Mentor-Leader Model for Professional Growth

For years, nurse manager Emily Baarz has mentored millennial nurses joining Neuro Critical Care (NCC). But new nurse graduates weren’t always prepared for the high-acuity setting. So Emily created the Axon/Dendrite program, a mentor-leader model to support her staff’s professional growth.

A Path to Achieving Practice Efficiency

Family physician and Resiliency Center co-director Amy Locke draws from personal experience and evidence-based research that supports two approaches for making your practice more efficient.

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