2021 Well-being and Resilience Poster Fair

The Resiliency Center's Wellness Champion Program shares posters from this year's Annual Well-being and Resilience Poster Fair.

3 Lessons from 300 Stories of Improvement, Leadership and Wellness

Three years, 300 stories and over 70,000 people have taught us how the power of story, the impact of teams, and the hard work of health care connects with the world.

3 Steps to Healing and Resistance in the Face of Racism

Mindfulness can be an act of healing and resistance for Black, Indigenous, People of Color who confront microaggressions as part of everyday life. Mindfulness educators and social workers Trinh Mai and Jean Whitlock provide three steps to build mindful self-compassion for BIPOC.

3 Ways To Build Mindful Habits

Health care is complicated, emotionally challenging work. Thriving in complexity requires two things: continuous system improvement and building individual resilience. This article focuses on three ways we can build habits that support individual resilience from three experts who do it every day.

5 Lessons Healthcare Can Learn From Other Industries

In addition to his day job as Director of ENT Clinics, Kirk Hughs orients all new specialty clinic and endoscopy employees to the Exceptional Patient Experience. His goal is to engage new team members about how they can create exceptional experiences for their patients.

7 Essential Elements of Suicide Care

A step-by-step discussion of the 7 elements of suicide care.

7 Phrases for Lean Six Sigma Practitioners to Avoid

This little list is to help lean six sigma (LSS) practitioners communicate more effectively. Communicating is 50-80% of the work in LSS and the concepts are often counterintuitive, so Steve's developed this list to make your life easier—avoid these.

90-Second Storytelling for Connection and Healing

The Resiliency Center's Jean Whitlock and Megan Call provide a step-by-step guide for infusing frequent and efficient storytelling into your workday.

A Blessing, a Prayer, and a Plea for Another World

We all need faith right now – whether in ourselves or a higher power. Harvard Graduate School of Design student Emily Duma shares three poems that offer a blessing, a prayer and a brief respite from our broken world, with an introduction from U of U Health Chaplain Lorie Nielson.

A Bow to the Unseen

Terry Tempest Williams is a writer, naturalist, activist, educator—and patient. In this second “Dispatch from the Desert,” Terry explores embracing the Unseen to acknowledge our interconnectedness and reimagine our changing world.

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