Another great piece of advice I was given early is 'take care of yourself'...Create space to exercise, unplug from work, focus on your health and nutrition.
Zac Watne

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Tips for New Faculty: What I Wish I Knew When I Joined the U

Being new is hard. Often for new faculty, it means adjusting to a new state, new team, new patients, and a new organizational culture. We asked hospitalists Ryan Murphy and Valerie Vaughn and surgeon Ellen Morrow for tips that only come from a little time under the belt.

How to Find (or Reignite) Your Inspiration

After a year like none other, feeling inspired and motivated takes hard work. U of U Health’s Executive Director of University Hospital Service Lines & System Planning Alison Flynn Gaffney walks us through how to find and reignite inspiration and motivation.

Hitting the Wall During COVID-19: New Ways of Discovering our Well-being

What can happen when a pandemic meets medicine’s existing culture of overwork? Burnout. Pediatrician Diane Liu, radiologist Yoshimi Anzai, and family medicine physician Amy Locke provide three ways to re-engineer the workday to address clinician well-being during COVID-19 and beyond.

Five Ways Our Culture of Wellness is Working During COVID-19

Family Medicine physician and co-director of the Resiliency Center Amy Locke outlines five ways U of U Health’s strategic commitment to well-being is paying off during COVID-19.

When Duty Calls: Strategies for Managing Redeployment

Redeployment may be a new health care reality, but in the U.S. military, rapid redeployment and tours of duty have always been part of the job. We turned to local veteran and nursing director Trell Inzunza, and the Resiliency Center's Megan Call, to learn practical strategies for supporting our teams as we transition.

Wendy Hobson-Rohrer: Five More Tips For Faculty

We were amazed by the traffic to Ryan and Ellen’s post on advice for new faculty. So we were thrilled when pediatrician and Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Education Wendy Hobson-Rohrer asked to write a follow-up! She knows from experience that navigating a career in academic medicine is more jungle gym than ladder. Here's her top five tips for all faculty.

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