One of the best ways that health care providers — including physicians, nurses, front desk staff, and others involved in a patient’s care — can build trust is by asking a person their chosen name and pronouns, and then using those. It’s an act of basic respect and can go a long way in showing a patient you care.
Ariel Malan

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Podcast Episode 102: Can We Eradicate New HIV Infections in Utah?

What would it take to eradicate new HIV infections in Utah? Rylee Curtis and Peter Weir sit down with Adam Spivak, co-founder of Utah’s only free PrEP clinic, and Ahmer Afroz, executive director of the Utah AIDS Foundation, to discuss the challenges of community health in Utah. This is Part 2 of a two-part episode.

New Podcast: Intersections of Innovation and Community Health Care Episode 101: HIV/AIDS and Activism in Utah

Around 120 Utahns are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS every year. Rylee Curtis and Peter Weir sit down with Adam Spivak, co-founder of Utah’s only free PrEP clinic, and Ahmer Afroz, executive director of the Utah AIDS Foundation, to discuss the origin of HIV/AIDS and its prevention and treatment in Utah. This is Part 1 of a two-part episode.

Breaking Through Fear to Build Vaccine Confidence with Immigrants and Refugees

Redwood Health Center physician Eli Moreno shares a simple exercise to cut through vaccine misinformation and empower patients to make educated decisions.

“This Time Is Different” – A Message of Hope for Meaningful Change

Chief Medical Informatics Officer Maia Hightower reflects on her grandmother’s experience and optimism to share a message of hope for meaningful change as we approach the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy by Creating a Circle of Trust

Covid-19 shined a bright light on disparate access to information and health care for marginalized communities. University of Utah Physician Assistant Wagma Mohmand and Utah Muslim Civic League’s Luna Banuri share how they are building on trust to vaccinate and support Utah’s Muslims through the pandemic.

How to Practice Three Good Things

Mindfulness educators Trinh Mai, Jean Whitlock, and Rob Davies guide us through a quick and simple exercise for reducing burnout and increasing well-being by remembering positive experiences and reflection.

Acknowledging Emotional Pain Is An Act of Inclusion

There’s a better way to respond to colleagues who share experiences about discrimination in society or the workplace. Preston Dahlgren, senior nursing director, relies on his master’s degree in marriage and family therapy to address the importance of validating emotions during hard conversations.

What Will You Do With Your Privilege? A Personal Lesson About Allyship

Michael Danielson, organizational development consultant, shares a personal experience about privilege, respect, and friendship. When his comfortable cultural norms failed him and led to a regrettable interaction, he learned that respect is demonstrated by taking action, and that you have to step out of your comfort zone to change culture.

Patient Voices: Four Ways to Build Trust with Your Transgender Patients

Everyone needs health care at some point in their lives. But for a person who is transgender, gender diverse, or part of the LGBTQ+ community (or both), navigating the health care experience can be fraught with challenges because of their outward expression and internal sense of gender. To create safer, more affirming spaces, we asked patients themselves for their guidance.

Confronting Our Racism with Intention and Action

Meaningful change requires intention and action. In this "One U" spinoff series, University of Utah Equity, Diversity and Inclusion leaders Mary Ann Villarreal and José Rodríguez translate powerful insights from Friday Forum national thought leaders for our local health care frontline teams.

Someone To Look To

Third-year Neurology Resident Liam Clark shares his perspective as both a resident and a patient at University of Utah Health, bringing more visibility to transmen and the trans community.

Invest in Yourself to Invest in Others

Garrett Harding, associate director of community outreach at Huntsman Cancer Institute, is committed to community. He shares his story and highlights the work being done at HCI to bolster inclusivity and representation.