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Tough Safety Calls: When to Console, Coach or Sanction

Patient safety nurse coordinators Raelynn Fredrickson and Deborah Sax share another essential patient safety concept in honor of national patient safety awareness week.

What Kind of Big Cheese Are You – Pandemic Style

HR’s director of communication and recognition Christian Sherwood reveals what kind of leader you are, with a bit of fun and help from Harvard Business Review.

The Surprising Connections Between Learning and Leadership

Dayle Benson, chief of staff for clinical affairs and executive director of the University of Utah Medical Group, shares her story and advice on the big decision to pursue additional education while growing your career.

The Surprising Benefits of Reducing Workplace Distraction

Utah’s retail pharmacy team, led by Nathan Hagen, Russ Ragsdale, and Linda Tyler, share insights from the “Distraction Study”—a multi-year journey to improve safety and reduced medication errors by reducing workplace distractions.

How a Hospitalist Duo and a 1000-person Multidisciplinary Team Changed Practice

Changing practice is personal. It doesn’t happen through edict or mandate. Changing practice requires ongoing respectful dialogue. It requires clear vision, data-driven analysis and the support of a dedicated team. Changing practice takes longer that you think it will. In this example, we recognize the power of a partnership in this challenging and important work.

Unraveling Bundled Payments: What Is BPCI Advanced?

Bundled payments continue to make waves—especially after the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced an “advanced” program. Utah’s payment innovation manager Zac Watne is back to update us on what’s new, what’s next, and what to do now.

Standard Work in Health Care vs Manufacturing (Part 1)

Today in the Dojo, Steve discusses how standard work in health care differs from standard work in manufacturing environments. If that’s not enticement enough, the post contains some macro-economics, and a touch of linguistics.

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